New cloth-based COVID tapes reduce need for plastics

Le Mark’s new COVID tapes bring market-leading emphasis on environmental awareness and are set to generate high demand.

Manufactured using Le Mark’s MagTape Ultra Matt as its base material, it brings a fresh approach to floor marking and helps reduce the use of plastics.

Less plastic in our world

Le Mark’s flagship gaffer tape for environmental focus, MagTape Ultra Matt, has been chosen as the base material for the new printed gaffer. Although going through a similar printing process, MagTape Ultra Mat gives a much-needed alternative to plastic-based tapes.

Unlike the early stages of the pandemic where options were limited, customers now have a choice.

Excellent performance on carpet & uneven surfaces

More versatile than many plastic-based tapes, the new Printed Gaffer Tapes can firmly adhere to carpet, stone, concrete, and many other challenging surfaces. This added versatility brings multiple application advantages over vinyl/polypropylene alternatives. High Visibility Fluorescent A fluorescent yellow base colour with black printed text creates a high contrast design that standouts vividly.

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