Le Mark celebrates 40 years in business and helps save a life!

Our company's 40th-anniversary party, held on our company premises, was a night filled with laughter, music and togetherness. Industry colleagues, customers and friends travelled from across the UK and Europe to be part of this celebration.

Furthermore, thanks to the remarkable generosity of everyone who participated, we have achieved an outstanding fundraising total of £7,000 in support of MAGPAS Air Ambulance.
20th September 2023/by Le Mark Group

PLASA Show 2023: A Record-Breaking and Unforgettable Showcase at London Olympia!

PLASA Show 2023, held from September 3rd to 5th at London Olympia, was an absolute hit! From dishing out Paper-Tak™ and MagTape® Ultra samples to the exhilarating Dirty Rigger spinning wheel and the lightning-fast sell-out of our new technicians’ backpack, it was a show for the books!
12th September 2023/by Le Mark Group

Dirty Rigger’s Backpack Becomes Fastest Selling New Item in Brand’s History

Dirty Rigger's new Technicians Backpack has been one of the most successful products in the brand's history. With distributors worldwide all wanting stock and excited customers keen to be the first to own one. As a result, almost 100% of the initial stock was sold within days of the Backpack going on sale.
8th March 2023/by Le Mark Group

Dirty Rigger gets hands-on with TOMCAT USA’s rigging training

The Dirty Rigger brand of workwear played a popular role in the latest TOMCAT University (‘TOMCAT U’) five-day entertainment rigging training course, hosted recently at the company’s custom-designed training facility in Thousand Oaks, California.
8th March 2023/by Le Mark Group

Le Mark Embrace Equality on International Women’s Day

Today especially, we celebrate the amazing women at Le Mark and around the world. If you’ve ever needed some inspirational words to help you believe that women truly can be anything they want to be, please read on...
8th March 2023/by Le Mark Group

Nicole wins Outstanding Achievement Award 2022

Nicole has done an amazing job in her role as Accounts Manager, replacing someone that had been with the company over 20 years.
16th December 2022/by Le Mark Group

Trudy wins Employee of the Year 2022

Earlier in the year, Trudy progressed to become Assistant Manager and has continued to flourish ever since. She brings so much to the Warehouse Team, and every area of the company. We're very proud to announce that Trudy has become our Employee of the Year 2022.
16th December 2022/by Le Mark Group

Beata Wins Employee of the Month in November

Beata Wilczynska is a valued member of our Export Team and has been with Le Mark since early 2021. Beata started out as an Export Administrator, a role in which she excelled at and it didn’t take long for her true potential to be seen.
1st December 2022/by Le Mark Group

Hilary wins Employee of the Month in October

Hilary's main focus is with the production team, but is also multi-skilled across various areas in the warehouse. She's most known for her bubbly personality and always being helpful.
3rd November 2022/by Le Mark Group

Karolina wins Employee of the Month

Karolina has excelled ever since joining Le Mark in 2015. However, her achievements in 2022 have put her into a class of her own. She was recently awarded Export Champion status by the Department of Internation Trade, achieved a distinction in her level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers and in the same year, completed a qualification in Operations and Departmental Manager Level 5, with another distinction.
1st October 2022/by Le Mark Group

Things we do for our Planet

Read how we're working as a team to combat climate change and look after our world.
15th August 2022/by Le Mark Group

The Customs House springs into action with Meadow Oak dance floor from Le Mark Group

"We are at the heart of our local community and provide a varied arts and entertainment programme which is available for everyone. We needed to create more space at the venue for a new learning and participation hub. The floor has now been in place for just over a month and it looks fantastic. We look forward to putting it through its paces as we continue to deliver our learning and participation activities at The Customs House.”
22nd July 2022/by Le Mark Group