Dirty Rigger’s Backpack Becomes Fastest-Selling New Item in Brand’s History

Dirty Rigger’s new Technician’s Backpack has become one of the most successful products in the brand’s history, with excited customers keen to be the first to own one and distributors worldwide wanting stock. As a result, almost 100% of the initial stock was sold within days of the Backpack going on sale.

The Dirty Rigger brand, owned by Le Mark Group, welcomed the new year with the launch of their hugely anticipated Technician’s Backpack. This brand-new product had been in development for over 18 months and was designed with input from industry specialists around the world.

Industry feedback led to record-breaking sales

Dirty Rigger’s Technician’s Backpack has become one of the fastest-selling new products in the company’s history.

The product’s success was largely attributed to its design influence from the Dirty Rigger community. Prior to the official launch, various ‘beta’ versions were shared with industry specialists as well as social media, where followers of the brand were asked for honest feedback. This empathetic approach continued throughout 18 months of development and resulted in one of the most industry-inspired products in the Dirty Rigger range. Its continued development and fine-tuning made the backpack perfectly designed for the target audience, resulting in unprecedented demand.

The key features that drove up demand

A combination of critical features played a big part in the backpack’s success. These include:

  • A rigid water-resistant base to prevent the bottom from becoming damp on wet ground.
  • In addition, the rigid base helps the backpack retain its shape, making it easy to access tools.
  • A dedicated laptop compartment with triple padding, completely separate from your tools.
  • A yellow interior to aid tool finding in low-light environments.
  • MOLLE tool storage to give quick access to essential tools.
  • Padded and ventilated straps and back.
  • +15 other essential features.

Available in 14 countries around the world

Within hours of arriving at Dirty Rigger’s warehouse in the UK, the Backpack was shipped out to distributors worldwide. It’s currently available in over 14 countries, including the USA, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia, Czech Republic and of course the United Kingdom. Global availability is expected to grow further once more stock arrives.

More stock arriving May 2023

To keep up with demand, Dirty Rigger have doubled their manufacturing orders. The first of many shipments is due to arrive May 2023.