Le Mark Floors at Acosta Dance Centre

Le Mark is proud to support and sponsor the Acosta Dance Centre (ADC), the new central London dance hub set to be a landmark for dancers worldwide! Situated in London’s Old Royal Military Academy, the Centre already boasts fully-fitted sprung floors. However, ADC was keen to enhance the surface of its dance floors further, thus allowing it to meet the specific needs of its talented dancers better. 

The Centre turned to Le Mark for support and guidance on the most suitable vinyl dance floors.

Le Mark recommended Sonata™ Ballet Floor. A high-quality, single-sided roll-out dance floor that would complement the existing sprung floor. Furthermore, by adding Sonata’s lightly textured, controlled-glide surface, dancers could achieve heightened focus, and delve further into the depths of their artistry and perfect their movements.

Adding controlled-glide to an existing sprung floor.

Le Mark’s Sonata™ Ballet Floor seamlessly integrated with the existing sprung floor at the Acosta Dance Centre. Installed into The Aline Foriel Destezet studio, Sonata brings confidence-boosting, controlled-glide to the performance space.

Furthermore, the soft grey colour of Sonata preserved the historical charm of the Woolwich Works buildings, complementing the picturesque porthole windows that bathe the studio in natural light.

The partnership between Acosta Dance Centre and Le Mark exemplifies the importance of choosing the right flooring solution. They’ve transformed the venue into a truly unique and inspiring space for dance professionals by working together.

What is Sonata™ Ballet Floor?

Sonata™ Ballet Floor is a professional, single-sided roll-out dance floor. Ideally suited as an addition to existing sprung floors.  Sonata™ offers an optimal level of grip whilst still allowing freedom of movement and ‘glide’ over the surface.

“On behalf of the Acosta Dance Foundation, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Le Mark Group for sponsoring the installation of The Beautiful Sonata floor at our dance studios in the Acosta Dance Centre, Woolwich, London. We were elated to welcome Acosta Danza this summer, and the dancers exuded unparalleled confidence and enjoyed a hassle-free experience while rehearsing for their momentous debut at La Biennale di Venezia and the Royal Opera House, commemorating Carlos at 50. We wholeheartedly recommend the Le Mark Group’s outstanding and durable dance floors to our esteemed industry colleagues.”

– Javier Torres, Managing Director of the Acosta Dance Foundation

About Acosta Dance Centre

The Acosta Dance Centre is an international reference for dance, uniting dance-creative practitioners, industry professionals, and the community with a shared passion for dance. Its multifaceted approach embraces dance education, workshops, and cultural events, fostering creativity and talent among young individuals, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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