Visi-PAL™ Demo

Please Note: Pens and cleaners vary from those shown in video. Visi-PAL™ Labels available in selected packs.

PAL™ Label I.D Kits

The all-in-one PAL™ Label Retail Pack

  • Professional, reusable case labels
  • A write-on surface for marking essential case information
  • Wipe clean with the PAL™ cleaner wipes
  • Anti-scratch marker pens
  • Ultra-tough
  • Weather resistant
  • Label Size: 178mm x 127mm
  • Generic design includes: Production, Date Out, Date In, Job No & Contents sections.
  • Selected packs include Le Mark’s new Visi-PAL™ Labels.
  • Go custom printed – Click Here

PAL™ Case labels offer a cost-effective way of professionally labeling your equipment cases. Built for life on the road, the foam-backed, self-adhesive label adheres to almost any clean, dry surface*. Once it’s on, it doesn’t come off without a fight.

Write your information directly onto the PAL™ case label. When you’re done, simply wipe with our PAL™ label cleaner to remove the pen ink. The case label is then ready for the next client or tour.

*For best results, we recommend applying to a surface that is clean, dry, non-porous and free from dust, oil and other contaminants.

The fluorescent tone of Visi-PAL™ labels is very difficult to accurately capture on video/photo and may vary to what’s shown. If you require a specific colour, please request a sample.

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