How Rugged Earth uses Le Mark’s Cable Labels to keep organised

Rugged Earth has over 15 years of broadcast experience and are proud to have the most experienced Sports VR Operators in the entire UK. They work with market-leading Sports Virtual Reality Systems to deliver live analysis to all the major broadcasters throughout the sports season. Rugged Earth also provides EVS hire equipment to the broadcast industry Europe wide.

Using powerful analysis tools like Piero, tOG, Paint and Viz Libero, Rugged Earth has worked with a host of national broadcasters like BT Sport, Sky Sports, ITV Sports, BBC Sport, Channel 4, Channel 5, CBS, Racing TV and many more over the years. Contributing to events from small domestic sports meetings to some of the largest International Sporting events worldwide.

Working with such a wide range of technology for so many household names means Rugged Earth has more than a few cables to keep track of.

We spoke to Rugged Earth’s Managing Director Mark Aspinwall to determine how our Cable Labels had helped them work more efficiently.

Why did Rugged Earth need Cable Labels?

Rugged Earth requires a lot of equipment on the road. Mark explained how they often faced the problem of losing cables because of people misplacing or wrongly assuming they belong to someone else. Due to the small size and number of companies working on a single broadcast with similar-looking cables, it is easy for them to go missing. Therefore, they needed to identify their cables from the rest to reduce cable-loss and become more cost-efficient. Mark believes that long-term, Le Mark Cable Labels will create a significant reduction in cable loss which will minimise the need to unexpectedly replace equipment.

Why did Rugged Earth choose Le Mark Cable Labels?

Le Mark has over 30 years of experience working with Live Event Industry Professionals and the Arts and Entertainment sector. This experience means we know how to make the ordering process as simple as possible.

Even during busy periods, we’re able to maintain the efficiency, quality standards, and customer service we’re known for. Mark said “I was very pleased with the order process and the labels came relatively quickly considering I ordered just before Christmas. I didn’t find it a hassle which is what you want when ordering.”

The ease of using Le Mark, even when ordering bespoke products, made us stand out to Rugged Earth. Mark said

“The quote system was easy. Once I received the labels, I was impressed with the look and the adhesive used. They just work very well – in fact, I will be ordering more.”

We appreciate how hectic it can be for professionals supplying equipment to live sports games and other events, so we’ve created our product with usability and ease at its core. Applying our cable labels couldn’t get much faster or simpler. You can apply the label without removing the cable connector, and there’s no need for heat guns.

One of the immediate benefits Mark noticed using Le Mark Cable Labels was that operators could see which cables belonged to Rugged Earth, even during a busy de-rigg.


All little bit about our Cable Labels

Our world-renowned self-adhesive labels can be completely personalised – from the length of label, to the design. All labels can be customised with company logos, contact details, and colour coding. We also use durable printing and wrap-around technology, so your Cable Label’s design remains protected. This helps to ensure your cables are instantly recognisable at a glance as well as aiding brand awareness. After all, it’s your equipment being used so make sure that whatever stadium, arena, or even country you’re in, everyone knows.

Our Cable Label’s can also produce labels for almost any barcode reader and format. If you’re new to Le Mark, you can simply let us know where your barcode number ended, and we can carry them on from there.