Equipment-saving labels for Director of Photography Dan McKenzie-Cossou

Director of Photography Dan McKenzie-Cossou ditched unreliable stickers in favour of Le Mark’s heavy-duty Equipment Labels. With clear ownership displayed on his equipment reliably, Dan hopes to reduce the cost of misplaced items and mistaken identity.

About Dan McKenzie-Cossou

An accomplished Director of Photography, Dan McKenzie-Cossou specialises in documentary, fashion and branded films. Having been captivated by high contrast visuals from a young age, Dan realised his dream was to create stunning images, both in motion and stills.

He has shot with world-famous brands such as Nike, Max Factor, Fenty, Rimmel and Magnum. Keeping track of his equipment on busy shoots is vital to Dan, which is why properly labelling his kit is essential.

What problems was Dan facing?

Dan had struggled to find a label that would reliably stay put. Even using the most heavy-duty labels he could find, they would still fall off. As a result, this lead led to misplaced equipment and frequent cases of mistaken identity.

The sheer expense of the equipment Dan works with makes it essential that he can keep track – especially on busy shoots where everyone has their own.

Dan decided it was time to invest in a more sturdy product.

Thankfully, Le Mark labels are engineered differently.

Le Mark equipment labels are designed around each client’s specific requirements. We consider the environment they’re used in and the surface to which they’re applied. As a result, you get a series of labels that can outperform many off-the-shelf labels, even those that claim to be heavy-duty.

In Dan’s case, for example, we know that life on-set can be very demanding. The varying temperatures of studio lights and fast-paced environments require a specialist label material. Furthermore, much of the equipment used in TV & Film production is powder-coated. A surface like this can be particularly hard to stick to and requires a specialist adhesive.

Why did Dan choose Le Mark?

After searching online for heavy-duty stickers and labels, Dan came across Le Mark. When viewing our website, he recognised the Dirty Rigger brand as he already uses these products.

Wanting to find out more about us, he visited our social media channels and saw a testimonial from a company he had worked with previously. In fact, he remembered admiring this company’s equipment label and had wanted to know where they got their labels from.

Dan commented: “From ordering to delivery, everything was incredibly easy”. He especially thanked our team member Callie for “helping a small business take the plunge.”

How Le Mark’s Equipment Labels have helped Dan

Since Le Mark has been providing Dan with custom printed equipment labels, he’s found his kit remains clearly identified, no matter where he’s filming. The labels are sturdy, reliable and keep his kit branded during busy shoots.

Dan jokes that people often talk about how he’s known for labelling everything, right down to his fingernails. This habit especially came in handy whilst working in Pasadonia when he lost a lens cap. He thought he had lost it forever. However, due to the label on it, he was contacted and ultimately re-united with it. This reinforced his belief of ‘label it or lose it’.