Plastic-free custom tape for Tegen Jewellery | case study

With responsibly sourced paper packaging tape, Tegen Jewellery reduces its use of plastics and becomes a leading example in their industry. With zero-plastic packing tape, their consideration for our planet is now just as visible as their brand.

Cornish-based jeweller Tegen, Founder of Tegen Jewellery, was looking to develop her brand packaging. Her jewellery range was selling well, and she wanted to incorporate her brand alongside her consideration for the environment. Working together, we created the planet-friendly branded tape she had always envisaged, and it helped her save time and cost too.

Tegen Jewellery’s story

Since 2002, Tegen’s been making jewellery pieces along the Cornish coast. Inspired by ocean azures and her travels worldwide, Tegen draws on Indian, Native American, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian jewellery styles.

As a tool making, stone setting, silversmith and goldsmith expert, Tegen designs her pieces around the organic shapes of each gemstone. This originality is what makes her pieces so unique. Moreover, all of the gems Tegen uses are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers who can prove each stone’s origins.

Leading by example to protect our planet

Ethical sourcing and climate-friendliness are core values of the Tegen Jewellery brand. Furthermore, in an industry that is, by and large, not environmentally conscious, it’s all the more important for Tegen to ensure her business is running as responsibly as possible.

Part of the challenge was that standard eco-friendly paper tapes usually require a wetting process for application. Our job was to ensure we provided Tegen with bespoke, responsibly sourced paper tapes that are quick and simple to use.

Replacing plastics with FSC certified paper

When Tegan came to us, it was clear from the get-go that all branded packaging needed to uphold and reflect her business’s eco standards. First and foremost, that meant no poly or vinyl tape. Tegen was also keen to cut out the need for international shipping to save cost and reduce the company’s carbon footprint, so Le Mark’s UK base drew her to us.

Additionally, as a small business owner, Tegen wanted to find ways to save time on packaging. Behind the scenes, she does most of the product packing herself. As a result, Tegen needed to create a streamlined packaging process which didn’t take her away from valuable jewellery-making time.

Brand presence and planet-friendly values with our printed paper tape

Together with Tegen, we helped to materialise the branded packing tape she wanted.

In her words:

“I love my branded tape and have already received great feedback from my customers!”

Aligned with Tegen’s planet-friendly values, our custom packing tape is helping Tegen amplify her brand presence and touchpoints while reducing the use of plastic in our world. Additionally, because we know just how valuable Tegen’s time and all our clients’ time is, our team was on hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

“The team were so lovely to work with and a great help in making my design a reality. They were fast in responding to my emails and always really cheerful. I love the outcome!” concluded Tegen.