Le Mark products at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Client: Cato Music

Products: LOTS!

Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull 2017 featured some of the biggest names in music, including Katy Perry and Kings of Leon. The two day event boasted an impressive crowd of around 50,000 people; with such a huge attendance, someone was bound to be in need of a few festival essentials that they had forgotten to bring along with them.

Tour production company Cato Music, one of Le Mark’s newest distributors, set up a temporary shop in a porta cabin at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull. Drafting in stock from their permanent base in South West London, they were on hand to supply festival goers and touring professionals with essentials, including Le Mark’s professional gaffer tape, Dirty Rigger® gloves and a wide range of accessories.

Stocked items included:

Cato Music is the one stop shop for every touring requirement; In 2016, Cato Music became part of the Production Park group of companies, and as a result can now offer clients a wide range of services, including but not limited to custom set and stage design and manufacture, worldwide logistics, production rehearsal facilities and industry leading teaching facilities in the form of Backstage Academy and Cato Academy.