Dirty Rigger® Products Impress at AVL network night, Singapore.

Client: TSB Global Distribution Pte Ltd

Product: Dirty Rigger® Gloves & Accessories

We love to hear how our distributors are getting on all over the world, so when TSB Global Distribution Pte Ltd told us they were one of the sponsors for an AVL Network Night in Singapore, we had to know how they got on!

“The event played host to movers and shakers from the AVL industry in Singapore, bringing together key players who are otherwise too caught up with work to mingle with each other” explained Ted Singh, Managing Director, TSB Global.

“TSB’s product offerings (with a lot of highlight given to Dirty Rigger® line of products) was put on display that night – it was evident that there is a growing interest for safety products in the AVL industry, and Dirty Rigger’s products seemed to have impressed a lot of the guests that night”, continued Ted.

Commenting on Dirty Rigger® and TSB Global’s relationship over the years, Dirty Rigger® Product Manager, Steve Marshall had this to say:

“TSB have been proactive in marketing the Dirty Rigger® brand and have shown a keen interest in pushing the brand to market, having attended trade shows such a PLASA in the past few years where they have worked alongside us to gain an in-depth knowledge of all products. In addition to standard gloves, TSB have sold custom products to some customers across Singapore and Malaysia. TSB continue to support Dirty Rigger® though various trade shows and marketing campaigns which adds significantly to the success of the Dirty Rigger® brand.”

TSB Global Distribution is a safety equipment agency based in Singapore that has been in the business since 2012 – they specialise in supplying personal and load protection products to clients who place safety as their top priority. They have been a Dirty Rigger® distributor for over 4 years now and stock a wide range of products, from gloves and tool bags to podgers and utility belts.