Printing Tape for a great name in British brewing

Client: Truman’s Brewery

Product: Printed Tape

One of the greatest names in British brewing, Truman’s has been a part of London life for almost 350 years. To help their boxes stand out from the crowd as they deliver them across hundreds of British pubs, Truman’s worked with Le Mark to produce a set of 3 printed tape designs.  The 3 designs differentiate between beers styles to help give a clear and visual identification of beer type on delivery.

“We used Le Mark custom branded tapes to add a stand out point of difference and easy way to differentiate between beer styles on our boxes of cans”, he went on to explain: “Le Mark ticked all the boxes for us, they could work to a tight deadline to produce high quality premium tapes with fastidious quality control and all at great price!”.

Truman’s Brewery was originally founded in 1666 and grew to be the biggest brewery in the world but it was unfortunately bought out and closed in 1989. However, Truman’s Brewery was re-founded as a new company in 2010 and since then has been growing rapidly and now supply hundreds of pubs and bars within the M25 with their beers in cask, keg and can.


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