Le Mark MagTape™ Scores with Stageworks

Stageworks Worldwide Productions has selected Le Mark MagTape™ gaffer tape for another successful event.

World Class Events in Blackpool

For over 30 years, Stageworks Worldwide Productions has been producing and presenting world class entertainment and is synonymous throughout the industry for quality and excellence. The team based at Blackpool Pleasure Beach produces shows, runs events and receives incoming productions.

Designing with Gaffer Tape

In April 2019, the Pleasure Beach Arena hosted the Opening Ceremony for an annual international youth football tournament: The Euro-Sportring Blackpool Cup. Dave Renwick, Production Manager, Stageworks Worldwide Productions, explains how Le Mark MagTape™ provided the perfect finishing touch.

“The event was to be held in our ice Arena, so we laid down our plastic floor and covered the area with green cord carpet. Our concept was to turn the floor into a small football pitch, complete with giant inflatable footballs. The first idea we had was to paint the white lines, but this would have been both time consuming and have destroyed the carpet. Then we thought of gaffer tape! I approached Le Mark as they offer wider sizes of MagTape that we hoped would make marking out the pitch very easy.  Although creating the centre circle was not so fun, it worked perfectly! And we have the bonus that the carpet can be used again for another event.

20 years as MagTape fans

“We use MagTape all the time,” said Dave. “It’s a quality gaffer tape that sticks very well and comes up easily, leaving no mess, unlike cheaper tapes!

“It’s always easy ordering from Le Mark. Emails are answered quickly, and goods regularly arrive the day after the order has been placed.”

“We’ve been supplying Stageworks with tapes for over 20 years now and we love seeing how creative they can be,” said Gabby Graham, UK Sales, Le Mark. “Stageworks’ football pitch design was really effective and we’re pleased that MagTape’s residue-resistant adhesive performed so well for this production.”

Note from Le Mark: We advise you always test our residue resistant tapes on a small area first as some surfaces and environments can cause the adhesive to transfer.