Light and Bright Branded Gloves for OSRAM

Dirty Rigger™, a part of the Le Mark Group, has created custom branded rigger gloves for global brand OSRAM.

OSRAM is a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a history dating back about 100 years. Their products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality, autonomous driving or mobile phones to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and for indoor horticulture.

Rigger gloves – the perfect fit for a gift

“We met with Dirty Rigger at the Prolight & Sound tradeshow,” said Emma Woolf, Business Development Manager PIA, OSRAM. “We were looking for a gift to offer to our top customers and imagined that gloves could be worn by their staff members whilst working. Even better, having them branded would act as a reminder to buy and use OSRAM for their lamp solutions.”

“I recommended the Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit™ rigger gloves to OSRAM because they are our most popular style,” said Steve Marshall, Product Manager, Dirty Rigger. “They are a general purpose, light and flexible glove that offers great durability.”

Customising the design

“There are so many aspects of our rigger gloves that can be customised. It was a pleasure to work on a colourful variation for OSRAM,” said Steve. “For this order, we adapted the stitching and knuckle piping to match their brand colours. The wrist strap features their logo and the write on ID tag is also colour-coded. We used the company’s Pantone colour reference to make sure we had an exact match. We’re really proud of how the final product turned out.”

A great success

“The ordering process was easy, and Steve kept us informed on the progress of our order once it was underway,” said Emma.

“The gloves are great. I have started to share them with our key accounts, and they are keen to start using them as soon as they can. They also want to share them with their own top OSRAM accounts.”

We are delighted to add that as a result of this successful order for the UK office, we will now also be supplying OSRAM customers in Germany with their own custom-branded rigger gloves.

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