Even the animals need Gaffer Tape!

Le Mark was pleased to be able to provide some essential maintenance supplies to the RSPCA Animal Centre at Block Fen.

Volunteers for the charity reached out looking for a donation of heavy-duty gaffer tape. They explained: “We have just employed a new handy man and now we need to get him some new tools and materials so he can get on with the jobs.

“At any one time we can have 63 dogs, 72 cats, 32 rabbits, small animals, birds, poultry and farm animals at Block Fen,” they said. “So, as you can imagine there is always lots of work to do. We have been fundraising so we can build a new chicken house and a new pond and pen for all the rescued ducks and geese. There is always something to build or repair.”

As a team of animal lovers, we were keen to help. Leanne Baker, Head of UK Sales, Le Mark, gathered a collection of black, silver and white gaffer tape and a pair of work gloves. Christine, our Order Fulfilment Manager, was happy to take her children over at the weekend to deliver the gift.

Kirstyn Gaunt, Deputy Manager, RSPCA Block Fen said, “THANK YOU very much for helping RSPCA Block Fen, it is very kind of you and we really appreciate it.”