Le Mark invests over £2m in Brexit preparations

By Karolina Wlodarczyk, Head of Export.

The dates come and go. The world sits poised watching live updates of the negotiations. For many, the thought of Brexit is still bringing plenty of anxiety! But whatever the final deadline, at Le Mark, we’re ready. We’ve dedicated the last 12 months to preparing for that moment and we’re confident we can continue to serve our global customers as normal. So, what’s been our strategy?

Over £1 Million of Stock Now Held

Many of you will have heard that in March we were honoured by a visit from HRH The Princess Royal. This was to open our brand new 10,000-foot bespoke warehouse, built to increase the stock of both raw materials and finished goods.

This new international warehouse has doubled our capacity with an additional 360 Euro pallet bays. Stock has been doubled from half a million pounds to more than a million. We have also bought a year’s worth of US dollars, and overall, spent more than two million pounds preparing for Brexit.

Europe and the rest of the world remain vital markets for our products and we will continue to drive export growth. With this new warehouse, we are reinforcing our commitment to, and confidence in, our European clients.

Industry Experts Employed for Training

Back in 2018, with Brexit looming, we employed one of the UK’s leading logistics and freight brokers, Chadwick Export Services, to train and update our staff.

Over the year, Margaret Chadwick has visited our offices on several occasions to ensure we are compliant in all the necessary changes in customs procedures and product tariff classifications.

Ongoing training has built a strong and competent team of knowledgeable Le Mark staff. When Brexit eventually happens, we will be fully prepared and able to meet the regular needs and requirements of our European clients.

Le Mark in training with Chadwick Export Services

Championing Export

Le Mark has joined forces with the Department for International Trade (DIT) through the East of England Export Champions programme.

As a result, this has solidified our position as a dedicated promoter of exporting overseas. By joining this team of seasoned exporters we’re able to draw on their experience, share best practice and access essential business readiness events.

Additionally, we work closely with the Signpost 2 Grow initiative from the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority. Their recent Brexit Basics workshop enabled us to connect with other local businesses addressing similar issues around regulation changes. It was such a great opportunity it even led to our joint Managing Director, Stuart Gibbons, being interviewed by BBC Look East news.

Securing a Strong Future

What the future holds, no one can be completely sure. Preparing for Brexit hasn’t been simple, or cheap, and there may well be more challenges ahead, but with the right preparation we have the confidence to continue to ship worldwide. We will continue to visit our European customers whenever possible and reassure them that our relationships are important to us.

For UK businesses, we recommend taking advantage of the DIT’s training courses and contacting the Export Champions in your region. The Union Flag can be the most powerful marketing logo in your toolkit so don’t be afraid to get it out into Europe and beyond!

Le Mark as Export Champions