Dirty Rigger™ Trousers Nominated for CUE Audience Award

We are delighted to share that our Dutch distributor, RL Sales, has submitted Dirty Rigger’s new ladies’ workwear trousers for the Audience Award at the 2020 CUE exhibition in Rotterdam.

CUE2020 is a biennial exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology. The Audience Award is “designed to stimulate and honour innovation in the industry”. With this award, the organisers say, “the image of a contemporary, active and future-oriented industry is strengthened, and a specific impetus given to the industry to expand and utilise its innovative power”.

Ruud Lansman, Director, RL Sales, explained why he believes Dirty Rigger’s new product deserves this recognition.

“These trousers are definitely an innovation,” said Ruud. “For too long women have been restricted to buying men’s work trousers that may not fit properly, or generic women’s trousers without the durability or features needed. I’m sure these new trousers will encourage more women into the arts and entertainment industry. We really like the product and the idea behind it. They’re perfect.”

Whether an item of clothing will meet the judge’s requirements is yet to be seen, but we’re thrilled that our distributors are so supportive and enthusiastic about this new range. The trousers are in production as we write, and we wait with anticipation for the award shortlist to be announced!