Le Mark Offers Two Floors in One TwoTone™

When you’re looking for a dance floor to take on tour, look no further than Le Mark TwoTone™.

Why choose TwoTone™ dance floor?

This professional vinyl stage floor is lightweight, making it easily portable. The professional matt surface is reversible, extending its usable life and offering variety for performances. TwoTone lays flat straight from the roll and is suitable for a wide range of dance styles, including contemporary, tap, jazz, and folk.

Customers already love TwoTone

Light Partner is Le Mark’s exclusive distributor in Denmark. They are primarily focused on the entertainment business, with more than 25 years’ experience in premium customer service.

“Our customers like the TwoTone vinyl dance floor because of the flexibility in being reversible, the feeling of quality and the affordable pricing”, said Jonas Dam, Light Partner.

“Because of the many benefits in using TwoTone, customers use it for all kinds of different applications, such as dance events, touring, high-school musicals/drama, art installations etc.

“The general high quality of all the products, the durability, and the affordable prices, makes Le Mark performance flooring interesting for a lot of customers. There is a wide range of floors in different colours and we’re proud to be able to supply these to the Danish market.”

The future for touring floors

“I believe that our TwoTone™ floor is perfect for touring,” said Karolina Wlodarczyk, Head of Export, Le Mark. “It has a light-weight construction, is reversible and the inner fibre-glass layer helps TwoTone lay flat quickly from the roll, even when re-laid at the next location.

“Our customers and distributors choose this product because it is suitable for various types of performances, is easy to roll out and roll up once the tour finishes, and it is priced competitively. It is easy to store and transport from one location to another.”