Efficiency and Compliance Achieved with Le Mark Equipment Labels

Cavell Catering Equipment Services Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of cooking equipment, repairs, servicing and installation to catering establishments in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties. They recently ordered Le Mark custom printed equipment labels for every piece of equipment they supply. Now, when Cavell Catering Equipment customers require support, they simply quote a unique label number, enabling rapid asset identification.

Jodie Duggan, Office Manager, Cavell Catering Equipment Services, said: “We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and using Le Mark equipment labels has enabled us to deliver an incredibly fast response to maintenance requests.

“It is essential that we ensure a fast fix to faulty catering equipment whilst carrying out repairs. Using unique asset labels guarantees we are identifying the correct machines and have access to the most up-to-date information for spare parts. We can continue to support customers’ kitchens to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible with the least amount of disruption.”

Jodie added: “We have used Le Mark products for many years due to the high specification and quality, and we find the team to be consistently helpful and knowledgeable.”

For more information on Le Mark equipment labels please visit https://www.lemark.co.uk/custom-printing/equipment-labels/