A move towards eco-friendly packaging

Using Le Mark’s printed paper tape, Panastore has moved a step closer in their efforts to become eco-friendly. Their packaging now puts less plastic into the environment and offers clear visibility of their brand.

Panastore, a company within Panavision, provide consumables and rental equipment to crew and productions on major motion pictures, TV dramas and commercials.

With a busy eCommerce website, Panastore regularly uses branded tape to seal their packaging and promote their brand.

“We use Panastore-branded tapes on all our boxes/orders going out. It helps to differentiate between departments within Panavision. As you can imagine, there is always a lot of gear going out, so we needed tape to help our Warehouse guys identify our orders.” Said Ashleigh Trevaskis from Panastore.

Panastore move to a more eco-friendly alternative

With growing efforts from the company to help protect the environment, Panastore looked to emphasise this ethos in their packaging.

“We have always had custom printed tape, but we needed a more eco-friendly option.”

Ashleigh contacted Matt Every at Le Mark, who offered custom printed paper tape as the perfect solution. Made using FSC certified paper, it’s both sustainable and puts less plastic into the environment than poly or vinyl alternatives.

“We now have branded, eco-friendly tape for all our goods leaving the building. We can now differentiate between different departments, promote our brand and ultimately, continue to help protect our environment.”

Ashleigh concluded,

“Our order experience was easy, friendly and quick. Matt made the process perfect by letting me know what he needed from me regarding the design, and then he did the rest. Le Mark is one of the most trustworthy and efficient companies we do business with. The Customer Service is excellent, and we can always rely on Le Mark for the best quality products.” 😊