Le Mark Cable labels. Produced using a durable vinyl material and backed with an ultra-strong 3M468 adhesive.  These labels can be fully customised and are available with a variety of adhesives.

Increased brand awareness for Greenkit

Greenkit, a leader in eco-friendly lighting hire, use Le Mark’s bespoke cable labels to support their innovative lighting business. A highly visual logo on their cables has resulted in increased brand awareness, efficient warehouse processing, and reduced equipment loss.

Based in London, Greenkit specialises in sustainable, energy-efficient lights, as they believe it is the cinematography’s future. They offer a diverse range of LED-powered panels and Fresnels – many of which combine cutting-edge technologies at a fair price.

Toby Smith at Greenkit explained,

“Our main reason for purchasing cable labels is brand awareness.”

He continued: “When we hire the cables out to our clients, they can visibly see they belong to Greenkit, enabling safe return. Additionally, it helps our warehouse team identify which equipment we own permanently and which we hire or cross-hire from elsewhere temporarily.”

“Being a customer of Le Mark for over five years, we initially chose them due to consistently positive feedback from other companies on their website claiming they’re the best in the business. And they have not disappointed ever since. I couldn’t fault their communication with us via email, and the product does the job perfectly.”

“They are perfect for our cables due to the strong adhesive, which means they remain firmly on the cables for a long time – delighted with the purchase.”

Toby concluded,

“The product has undoubtedly benefited our company. Fewer cables go missing by accident as our customers can now see they have hired from Greenkit, enabling their safe return. We have visible Brand awareness when out on a film-shoot. And our warehouse team can now quickly identify equipment and its journey, ultimately increasing efficiency. The process from start to finish was swift and efficient, and we experienced no complications. As a result, we will continue to use Le Mark.”