Director of Marketing & Business Strategy

Being a big kid, motorbikes, go karting, camping with my kids, martial arts, being outdoors, Chinese takeaways and boxer dogs

I’m a massive data geek – I do love a spreadsheet 🙂

Disorganisation, clutter, slow computers & losing my hair 🙁

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Bear Grylls

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
The only thing to be afraid of in life, is not making the time to live it.

I first joined Le Mark way back in 2000 when there were just 6 other employees. Working in roles across the company including sales, business development, product development and marketing, I gained a wealth of experience.

A few years ago I had some time away from the company, running my own projects and furthering my education by working towards a Degree & also continuing studies in digital marketing, market trend analysis, SEO performance analytics and business strategy.

Then, in Summer 2017, I was invited back with an amazing opportunity to manage the company’s marketing and business strategy.

It’s a great role and I love the challenges of a constantly evolving market.