Low-Tak Flooring for a High-Quality School Production

Bromsgrove School is an independent school in Worcestershire. It recently underwent a massive performing arts redevelopment which included converting Cobham Hall into Cobham Theatre, now the home of Drama for the Senior and Preparatory Schools. The theatre stages around five large productions per year, various house drama competitions, GCSE and A Level exam pieces, as well as being available for external hires.

We spoke with Tom Jude, Theatre Manager, about their recent use of StudioTak™ flooring.

“In 2018 the Sixth Form students performed Othello and the director wanted a chequerboard floor,” Tom said. “I’d had a previous bad experience with a production painting a stage floor, which was never really the same after, regardless of how may coats of black paint it received. This time I decided a temporary solution was going to be the best one. We needed something that was quick to lay and take up that left no residue.

“I hadn’t used StudioTak before, so I phoned Le Mark and spoke to Sharon who recommended the low-tak removable version and sent us a sample. The sample worked great and we ordered a roll, which arrived swiftly.

“Then came the laborious task of cutting the roll into 255 1ft squares! Thankfully the roll was easy to mark and cut with a utility knife. Thanks to the low-tak adhesive, the squares were easy to adjust if they weren’t quite laid right the first time. Once the adhesive cured, the squares stood up well to foot traffic. The only slight problem we had was during a vigorous fight scene when a couple of squares that were laid over joins in the floor lifted, but it was easy enough to lay a new square or two.

“I’ve been using Le Mark’s Magtape for years, it’s just the best gaffer tape, so I had full confidence in Le Mark’s StudioTak and I’d happily use it again. The service from Le Mark was first class.”

StudioTak features a residue-resistant adhesive which leaves minimal, if any, residue on a huge variety of surfaces. Please note, some surfaces and environments, especially those with high levels of plasticiser, may cause the adhesive to transfer.

For more information on StudioTak visit https://www.lemarkfloors.co.uk/studiotak-self-adhesive-tv-studio-floor/.