Audio Visual Material Sticks with Le Mark PAL Labels

Audio Visual Material Ltd. (AVM) is a dry hire company supplying high-quality audio-visual brands from around the world. AVM has used Le Mark PAL™ road case labels since 2013 and they recently ordered more.

Glyn Harries, Rental Manager, AVM said, “We regularly ship projectors, lenses, screens and players. Everything is flight-cased and requires a contents label to ensure the right product reaches the right customer. We have them custom branded with our company logo and contact details so it’s clearer who the products have come from and how to contact us if needed. We were also able to customise the text boxes so we chose to include despatch and return dates and project numbers which has really aided logistic efficiency.

“We chose to buy from Le Mark because of their reputation and friendly service. We continue to buy because the PAL labels are good quality AND VERY STICKY! Everyone I deal with at Le Mark is very professional and attentive; I can’t fault the customer service or products.”

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