Godmanchester Town Hall Springs Forward with Le Mark Dance Floor

Godmanchester Town Council recently managed a large-scale refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth School hall. They selected a Le Mark Woodland™ sprung dance floor with oak finish for their largest hall, measuring nearly 90m².

The need for versatile flooring

“We use the hall for a multitude of activities including dance and pilates classes, as well as lectures and social gatherings,” said Graham Campbell, Godmanchester Town Council. “Therefore, we needed a versatile floor that would suit everyone. We had a very professional service and good advice from Le Mark. As a result, we selected the Woodland sprung dance floor. Above all, the finished floor looks great and we have had a lot of good comments from our hirers.”

Finding the perfect floor

“Finding a floor that was compatible with underfloor heating was a priority for Godmanchester Town Council,” explained David Senior, Business Development, Le Mark. “With the variety of uses in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Woodland floor was the ideal choice. Additionally, because it provides shock absorption from as little as 30kg, it will work perfectly for even young children’s dance classes.”

Woodland is Le Mark’s most popular hardwood professional dance floor because it is suitable for a variety of dance styles. The dual-zone, foam sprung system is designed to be permanently installed and is available in a variety of hardwood finishes.

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