Finepoint Broadcasts Their Brand with Le Mark Labels

Finepoint Broadcast Ltd. has been supplying clients with a wide range of production and outside broadcast equipment since its establishment in the 1970s. As a leading dry-hire service-provider addressing the global marketplace, Finepoint provides 24-hour support backed by a team of in-house engineers.

We spoke to Chief Engineer, Andrew Mckenzie, about why they trust Le Mark to print their custom branded labels.

Essential Labelling in Any Size

“It’s essential for us to identify our equipment,” said Andrew. “Not just for advertising and promotion purposes, but also to help our clients discern which equipment is from us, to assist in returns and cross loading to other jobs.

“We had equipment labels designed in a variety of sizes, from as small as 20mm x 12mm, up to 153mm x 118mm. This has meant we can apply the labels on every type of equipment, in any available space.”

Minimise Equipment Losses

“Cables are one of the most important items to be labelled. They are generally very expensive and easily lost when de-rigging. The new custom printed cable labels play a crucial role in cables and smaller items finding their way home.”

Reliable Quality

“We were searching for a supplier to provide quality products at competitive prices. Le Mark has been good on both counts. Additionally, the fact that Le Mark products are used so widely in our industry is a good sign of a reliable supplier.

“The labels are all of great quality and have stood the test of time well. Customer service from Le Mark is always very good and they’re always happy to pander to any of our unusual requests!”

“I felt very welcome by all the guys when I recently visited Finepoint,” said Matt Every, UK Business Development, Le Mark. I’m looking forward to seeing what other labels we can produce for them in the future. And it will be interesting to see how large they can grow their tape ball!”