Custom Labels Save Time and Improve Branding for RedHouse Productions

RedHouse Productions recently ordered new custom printed Cable and Equipment Labels from Le Mark. The labels now enable fast stock identification and additional advertising opportunities.

RedHouse Productions is based in Sligo, North West Ireland. They supply, hire and install professional sound and lighting equipment throughout the country. Vinnie Higgins talked us through his first experience of working with Le Mark.

Colour-Coding for Rapid Stock Selection

“We needed labels for our audio hire stock of cabling. Without being able to easily see what length each cable was, stock selection could take far longer than necessary. We added the numeric lengths to each label, and colour coded each type. As a result, we could quickly identify the cable lengths and make selecting stock much faster.

“We also needed to make it clear who the cables belonged to. Cables can easily get lost when muddled with other company’s stock at events. To do this we had our logo and contact details added.”

Labels for Brand Identification

“We decided to order Equipment Labels to identify our stock of sound equipment when it’s out on hire. In addition, we wanted to subtly place labels when new equipment is installed in different venues as a source of advertising for the company.”

Excellent Quality and Communication

“I chose to order from Le Mark as I’ve seen some of the products before and I was very impressed with the colours, style, strength etc. of the labels.

“I’m very happy with the labels. They are the perfect sizes with good colours and seem to be very strong and durable. They fit all the cabling properly and stick great on the equipment.

“The customer service has been excellent. I’ve had great communication from everyone in Le Mark that needed to get in touch with me and very quick delivery. Definitely highly recommended. I’ll be in touch again for future orders!”

“We’re delighted that Vinnie has been so pleased with his first order,” said Anete Muciniece, Export Sales, Le Mark. “It was a pleasure to work with him and our partnership ran smoothly from the start. The colours chosen for coding the meterage lengths on his cable labels really stand out. And the RedHouse logo looks great on the equipment labels.”