Catia Straus

Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator

I absolutely adore dogs! I am lucky enough to have 2 adorable fur babies of my own: a chow chow and a golden retriever. Keep scrolling to check out their adorable faces. I also, love travelling, camping, swimming, music, crafts and all things creative.

Feeling cold, spiders and wasps!

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Definitely Van Gogh, it’s such a shame he wasn’t famous during his lifetime. I just want to tell him how much we all love and appreciate his art now.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
“Start each day with a grateful heart” A daily exercise that teaches you to appreciate what you have and how far you’ve come

Over a decade ago, as I neared the end of my university journey, I developed a keen interest in utilising my creative abilities in the Marketing arena. Since that moment, I have been fortunate to explore various positions within Digital Marketing and Branding teams, each offering unique experiences and opportunities for growth.

Today, as a member of the Le Mark team, I take great pride in contributing my skills to generate and implement branding concepts, crafting eye catching designs and bringing them to life through successful executions.