Brand New Nocturne™ Studios for Blue Butterfly Dance Company

The Blue Butterfly Dance Company, based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, recently opened brand-new studios in the town centre. Built in a previously derelict site, they required new, versatile flooring for all the performance spaces.

“Before we started work, the unit was run-down and empty,” said Amy Fern, Principal, Blue Butterfly Dance Company. “It was in a terrible state, so we had lots of work to do and only 12 weeks to do it in, before we opened. Our floors are used for all types of dance – ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, as well as fitness and yoga, so we needed a hard-wearing, multi-purpose floor.

“We chose Le Mark flooring as we felt it was much better value for money compared to other dance flooring. Now we have three beautiful studios, all with Le Mark Nocturne™ flooring.

“Our ethos is fun, affordable classes, and our new site is a place for everyone. Our students absolutely love their new studios! They love to dance on the new floors and are very proud to come to the studios every day.”

“I’m delighted that Blue Butterfly Dance Company selected the Nocturne Reversible Dance Floor,” said David Senior, Project & Business Development, Le Mark. “It really is outstanding quality and the most durable dance floor in Le Mark’s range. The continuous colour that runs right through the material helps to conceal any minor damage that may be caused by defective tap shoes, and because it is reversible, it can be turned over to maximise the longevity of the dance floors. The new studios look excellent.”

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