The color-coded labels help to keep things organised while we simultaneously prep for multiple shows and events,

We get feedback on our Tour Labels from Matt Jameson at Clearwing (Phoenix, U.S.A)

Client: Clearwing

Product: Tour Labels

Always looking for customer feedback, we caught up with Clearwing (Phoenix, U.S.A), one of the U.S.A’s premier providers of pro audio, lighting, and video equipment to see how they were getting on with the Tour Labels we supplied them with recently.

If you’re not familiar with our tour Labels, here a little bit about them.  Tour Labels are a bespoke reel of labels, designed to suit your business and way of operating. Their write-on surface allows you to display essential information including case contents, weight, logistics information and much more; it’s all dependent on your design. Tour Labels help companies get the right case to the right place as efficiently as possible. With the option of a removable adhesive, you simply peel them off when you’re done and replace with a new label, ready for your next client.

“The color-coded labels help to keep things organised while we simultaneously prep for multiple shows and events,” explained Matt Jameson, General Manager at Clearwing; “The Le Mark labels are professional in appearance and adhere to our cases perfectly – they do not leave any residue when they are removed!”

Clearwing has physical offices strategically located in Milwaukee, WI and Phoenix, AZ. and offers over 40 years’ experience. They’ve deployed gear and crew across the U.S. and all over the world. Clearwing has provided creative services and innovative equipment to some of the biggest names from a wide range of industries; from the Foo Fighters and Summeriest Milwaukee to the NFL and The White House.


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