Versatile labels for a versatile 4Wall Entertainment

Reusable labels for thousands of cases within 4Wall’s impressive inventory is imperative for their costings, time, and waste management. Luke Lytle, Director of Marketing for 4Wall tells us why our labels are essential for their rental and touring services and why they keep coming back for more!

“With the thousands of cases we have across our inventory it became very costly and time consuming to replace every label each time they came back from a rental.  The PAL Labels stick to anything we place them on, wood, paint, abs, textured abs, or truck bed liner.  We can write on them with a variety of markers and they can still be erased every time.”

The mighty 4Wall Entertainment have continued to use our PAL™ road case labels over the past 10 years whilst they service many facets of the entertainment industry. From corporate events, theatre, concert touring and television, their offerings include rentals and services, new and used sales, and permanent installations.

Durable and reliable labels for 4Wall’s well-travelled flight cases

With the many high-volume rentals and services 4Wall manages, it’s important their cases have tough, long-lasting labels to withstand the abuse of life on tour.

“We needed a durable label to attach to our cases.  The label had to be able to accept both wet erase and permanent marker. We needed a label that could live up to life on the road, being loaded and unloaded, and stacked on top of, without showing wear. We needed something that was versatile, durable and reliable.” Says Luke

A ‘strong bond’ between us

Within the last 10 years we have been able to build a great relationship with 4Wall and they are now an extremely valuable customer of ours, it’s great to hear the feeling is mutual…

“Le Mark’s customer service is terrific, very helpful and easy to work with. The labels durability and adhesive beats every other label we have seen.”