The fall in the Pound: Could our products cost less to buy?

For many of our export customers around the world, the fall in the value of the Pound may mean they need less currency to buy the same amount of goods from the UK.

This may present potential savings for many customers who purchase Dirty Rigger®, PAL Case Labels, Equipment Labels and also many products from our gaffer tape and general tapes range. While there has been a rise in the cost of raw materials and import costs, which has gone on to effect the selling prices of some products, many have remained unaffected to date.

“There are often winners and losers in situations like this, but whatever your view on Brexit, this could be an excellent time to buy products from the UK,” Said Le Mark MD Stuart Gibbons.

He continued: “Only time will tell if the Pound’s recent drop in value will present a short or long term opportunity. The truth is that values can still rise and fall at any time, however, it is certainly something we feel both new and existing Distributors should consider.”