The Customs House springs into action with Meadow Oak dance floor from Le Mark Group


The Customs House is a not-for-profit charitable trust. It aims to support community projects and nurture new creative talent. The trust also maintains its Grade II listed building which is essential as the venue welcomes over a quarter of a million visitors each year. Based in South Shields, The Customs House prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of experiences. Visitors can access everything from stage performances to cinema screenings, art exhibitions and ‘get involved’ activities. The charity provides opportunities for young talent to write, produce and perform on stage.

The Challenge

Marie Campbell, Development Officer at The Customs House explained:

“We are at the heart of our local community and provide a varied arts and entertainment programme, available for everyone. Therefore, we needed to create more space at the venue for a new learning and participation hub. This involved totally transforming an old storage room into a suitable space where rehearsals and performances can take place. We needed a dance floor and that’s where Le Mark Group came in.”

One of Marie’s colleagues at The Customs House suggested contacting Le Mark Group, to see if there might be a suitable floor for the new hub.

“We started off by viewing the company’s website which was easy to navigate. Then, we selected the flooring that seemed most suitable and sent off for a sample,” explained Marie.

The Solution

Marie chose the Meadow Sprung Floor in Oak. The Meadow range is perfect for dance studios that require a sprung floor with premium shock absorption and outstanding performance consistency. With 61% shock absorbency, Meadow offers greater flexibility, comfort, and energy absorption than any other sprung floor in the range. It is perfect for cushioning energetic choreography. Furthermore, consideration for users’ joints and cartilage is at the forefront of its design.

Coming in beautiful FSC certified hardwood, the floor will give any dance studio a world-class look and feel. Its quality construction conforms to multiple Sport England requirements and EN BS 14904-A4. Additionally, the range (which is also available in Beech, Ash, and Maple) comes with a 25-year guarantee when professionally installed by Le Mark Group. It is suitable for all dance styles; however, an additional vinyl top is recommended for tap, Irish and Flamenco.

The Results

The team completed the floor installation over two days in May 2022. Marie continued:

“There was no disruption to the rest of the venue and installation was, relatively straightforward. Gabriella Graham, Flooring Sales Support at Le Mark Group stayed connected with me and our builders throughout the process. She kept us up to date on the order status and delivery times and customer service was excellent throughout. The floor has been in place for just over a month and it looks fantastic. We can’t wait to put it through its paces as we continue to deliver our learning and participation activities at The Customs House.”