Social Screens become fastest moving new line of 2020

Le Mark’s free-standing Social Screens became one of the companies fastest moving new lines in 2020. Easy assembly, rigid construction, and on-wheel portability made them an essential tool in helping combat COVID-19.

Innovation when it mattered most.

To ensure shipping delays or material shortages did not bog down supplies, Le Mark used a mix of readily available equipment and local manufacturing. As a result, Social Screens could be manufactured and shipped to where they were needed most, often in less than 24 hours. So far to date, the Social Screens have been used in research centres, schools, retail stores, offices, manufacturing and more.  

The demand continues…

As the UK joins other countries worldwide as they enter yet another lockdown, this item’s demand grows. 

Global distributors wanted.

There is a far broader, global market which could be supported by our distributors. If you feel you could supply customers in your area, please contact your account manager, who will do everything they can to support you.

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