PAL™ Case Labels for the Master Carpenter at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Client: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Product: PAL™ Case Labels

Working at one of London’s most prestigious theatres often requires impeccable skill, organisation and management. To find our how Le Mark’s PAL™ Case Labels helps the crew stay on top of things right through to the curtain call, we spoke to Joe Strange at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Tasked with looking after the set and stage crew on the theatre’s production of Phantom of the Opera, Joe has one of the most important roles in town.

“We choose Le Mark as they have always been reliable, with good customer service and a great quality product,” said Joe Strange, Master Carpenter at Her Majesty’s Theatre;

“We are using the PAL Labels to aid in the stage crews manual handling of the scenery. Each bit of scenery will have a label that explains its weight, how many people are required to lift it and hints to make handling it easier”.


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