PAteam partner Dirty Rigger® in Poland

Client: PAteam

Product: Dirty Rigger® Gloves & Accessories

PAteam offer professional audio equipment to the Polish market and have been doing so for the past 8 years. Already distributing Le Mark’s tapes and dance floors, PAteam have taken the final step in becoming a complete Le Mark Distributor by stocking and selling the Dirty Rigger® product range as well.

“Dirty Rigger® products are the perfect addition to our store as our customers trust and acknowledge the brands we offer them” said Krzysztof Białobrzewski from PAteam in Poland.

He continued: “We wanted to make sure our customers are offered high quality brands designed for their specific needs. The Polish market lacks specialised gloves, such as Rope Ops™, and thanks to the Dirty Rigger® brand we can now offer this product. The uniqueness of the brand helped us reach our existing and new customers who were looking for similar products but have not yet found any. The Dirty Rigger® brand goes hand in hand with our other products, such as ear plugs – so much needed in the sound industry”.