Our New Super Salesperson – Fran Mann!

We are pleased to announce that Fran Mann, previously Print Administrator, has joined the UK Sales and Support team.

“I’m so excited to get started,” said Fran. “I’ve been at Le Mark for two years now and I’m really looking forward to this new challenge. I have a great relationship with many of our customers already and I’m very familiar with the sales processes, so this definitely feels like the right transition. I can’t wait to get out on the road to meet customers, and to learn even more about our industry at trade shows. I’m hoping to create even more fans of fluorescent pink MagTape too. It’s my favourite because it’s so bright and fun, and because no one thinks pink when they think of gaffer tape!”

“The UK team and I have a great relationship with Fran, having worked with her for our custom print orders,” said Leanne Baker, Head of UK Sales. “She is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and has a huge passion for customer service. After listening to her interact with customers at trade shows and over the phone, we quickly realised that she could make an outstanding sales representative. We were over the moon when she agreed to join the UK sales team.

“Fran has the ability to listen to a client’s needs, the enthusiasm to supply what the customer requires and will be a pleasure for our customer to work with.”

Good luck Fran!