LIPA Invests in Le Mark Sprung Dance Floors

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) is a world-renowned Higher Education provider, specialising in performing arts. To continue their provision of state-of-the-art facilities, they recently had two studios refitted with Le Mark Meadow™ sprung dance flooring.

We spoke with Philip Marshall, Group Head of Estates for The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Learning Group, about the installation.

The need for a sprung dance floor

“Before we had the flooring replaced, one of the rooms was carpeted and one was vinyl directly onto screed,” Philip said. “The studios are used for acting classes and therefore, needed a hygienic and comfortably sprung surface for this activity. We selected the Le Mark Meadow floor because it was reasonably priced and delivered what we wanted.”

“We are delighted that LIPA selected Le Mark flooring,” said Sharon Marshall, Le Mark Performance Flooring. “Meadow is a versatile wooden sprung dance floor built to accommodate a wide range of dance styles and activities. It can be permanently installed or removable, laid without any glue or screws required.”

Simple installation

“Installation went well,” Philip said. “The biggest hitch was getting up the carpet tiles in one of the rooms as the glue was very strong. The installations needed to be complete before the new term and this was achieved. We did not know how long an installation would take so we asked Le Mark to arrange installation in one room while we self-installed the other. In retrospect, we probably could have installed both rooms ourselves as the flooring is so simple to lay.

“We had no problems with ordering and customer service and are very happy with the floor. Thank you!”

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