Le Mark’s Harmony™ High Gloss at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Client: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Product: Harmony™ High-Gloss

Le Mark’s Harmony™ High-Gloss vinyl floor “brought out the wow factor” at London’s RCSSD (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) for their production of A Chorus Line.

Standing at the forefront of training and research in the Dramatic Arts, RCSSD is known to be a world-leader in the performing arts industry.

Ben Krebs, Production Manager for A Chorus Line, commented:

“Having a high shine finish on the floor was always a massive priority right from the first creative team meetings for A Chorus Line. With some very tight budget constraints, there was a question about it’s feasibility; however, the value for money from the Harmony™ High Gloss dance floor made it a perfect choice.

The floor was so easy to lay and align strips over the large area of our stage and was easy to maintain throughout the run of the show, which was always a priority in order to maintain the impact right until the final performance.

The added impact the finish on the floor gives to the lighting was amazing and added so much to the overall look of the show. It really made the space pop and brought out the wow factor we were looking for at certain points”.