Le Mark donate 38 dance mats for Children in Need Tapathon

Helping overcome COVID-19 restrictions, Le Mark donated 38 home-practice dance mats to The Sarah England Dance School. This allowed for their performance in aid of Children in Need to safely go ahead.

The Sarah England Dance school, based in Greater Manchester, participate in the yearly “Tapathon”, an event which is organised by The Performers project. Helping to raise money for Children in Need, they were scheduled to take part in the national dance marathon, alongside thousands of other dancers.

Thwarted by COVID-19 restrictions earlier in the year

Owner and tutor, Sarah England, thankfully had the foresight to prepare for the second wave. She had everything in place to bring back online classes, when restriction measures were re-introduced.

For Children in Need, there was one more hurdle they had to dance over.

How could Sarah get 38 tap dancers to take part outside, on hard ground, without damaging their tap shoes and respecting social distancing rules?

Not wanting her students to miss out on this opportunity, Sarah called Le Mark’s flooring Manager, Hannah Tuohy, for inspiration.

“When I spoke to Sarah, she told me what the mats would be for. I was so excited to help. We always recommend our Nocturne flooring for hard shoe work such as tap, so what better floor to donate,” said Hannah.

Le Mark were not only happy to support the 40th year of Children in Need, but also aid an existing customer through the challenging times we are all experiencing.

Le Mark donated 38 dance mats

By offering all 38 dance mats free of charge, the students at The Sarah England Dance school will now be able to perform and help raise money for an amazing charity. Additionally, the new dance floors will keep Mums and Dads happy, by helping protect their nice wood floors during home-practice 😊

This Sunday, Sarah’s dance troupe will be joining Children in Needs “Tapathon.”

“We can now take part individually, and will be tapping away in our kitchens, gardens and safe open spaces!

We will happily and probably most appropriately be “Singing & Dancing in the rain.” Sarah concluded, “Well, this is England!”

Sarah England Dance School is an established family friendly school. Based in Greater Manchester, they offer all traditional and modern styles of dance from the ages of three to adult.