Jonny wins Employee of the Month in June

Jonny Walker is a valued member of our Warehouse & Production Team and has been with Le Mark since 2019. Jonny’s multi-skilled ability allows him to operate in various areas in the warehouse. He’s known for his impactable work ethic, and of course that beaming smile.

Congratulations, Jonny!

Jonny’s Nominations

I would like to nominate Jonny for employee of the month as I feel he has gone under radar for being one of the hardest working employees in the warehouse. Not just for this month, but for the entire duration he’s been here. He’s always in good spirits somehow and I can only applaud him for that.

I really, really would like to nominate Jonny for this award. Oh my gosh how he has stepped up to the plate over the past month!! I am so proud of him and he should be recognised for the 100% turn around he has achieved. He is focused now on the jobs he has in front of him (especially exports) and will persevere until it has been completed to the end.. Positive feedback goes a long way to making someone feel appreciated and lift their morale and I personally would love him to have this award. I honestly can’t fault his work ethics this past month. Keep it up Jonny 🤠🤠

Please can I vote for Jonny. He has always been helpful, has a smile on his face and gets the job done!! It has been hard in the warehouse recently and I think he is key team member!

I would like to vote for Jonny for employee of the month. I think Jonny works extremely hard and helps in all areas of the warehouse. Jonny is polite and has a smile on his face when he comes into the office. I have heard very positive comments from his team in the warehouse and would like to pass my vote to him. Jonny will always hold his hands up if there has been an error and will do what he can to put things right.

I’ve been really impressed with Jonny recently. Whenever he’s asked to do anything he gets straight on it, and does whatever the task is to the best of his ability. I’ve also heard many others complimenting his attitude to his work which is great to hear.