Jen Kynoch

Customer Service

Anything that sparkles (I’m a secret Magpie) sunshine days, holidays, time with friends, happy children, wine, prosecco and laying in my hammock in the sunshine – (preferably all at the same time)

Negativity, whisky and rice pudding

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Myself when I was younger, we would have a damn good chat !!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
There are no such things as problems, only solutions 🙂

I enjoy my role in Customer Service as I am a natural “problem solver”

My goal is that Le Mark will not only be known for its amazing products but also have a first class reputation for Customer Service.
Positive feedback is the ultimate goal, although give me a problem and I will get to the bottom of it, therefore optimising my apparent “pedantic” skills at leaving no stone unturned.

Update on my DIY skills at home: Using our tapes, I have created emergency repairs on my guttering, my shower door, used it as draught excluder, decorated garden pots and even designed my own coving to cover up cracks that were appearing in my conservatory. 🙂 If anything goes wrong at home now, my children just tell me to mend it with tape 🙂