Distributor Focus – Monkey Wrench Productions

Monkey Wrench Productions was the very first USA distributor of Dirty Rigger™ products. They provide sales and service for the entertainment industry with a fully stocked retail store and all-round service centre. If you need it, they have it. If you broke it, they’ll fix it!

The Head Chimp Picks Dirty Rigger™

“We sell Dirty Rigger products because they provide a level of detail, durability, and industry-specific design that is unmatched in our small and very specialised industry,” said Seth Scott, Head Chimp, Monkey Wrench. “The Chest Rigs are our most popular products by far. However, my personal favourites are the Leather Grip™ Framer Gloves, because the dexterity they offer is unmatched.

“As a distributor I love the support from Le Mark and Dirty Rigger. You are one of the best vendors I have. Importantly, even being across the pond, things get done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal issues.

“I worked pretty closely with Steve and Hannah on the customisation of a few products. As a result, we introduced the imperial measurement Podger Ratchet, blank PAL™ case labels, and colour-coded tape for cables in feet measurements, instead of meters.”

Loyal and Innovative Supporters

“Monkey Wrench is our longest-serving US dealer,” said Steve Marshall, Product Manager, Dirty Rigger. “We first met at the Live Design International Tradeshow and they have stocked our products ever since. They are innovators in the industry, and therefore, almost always the first to stock any new items as soon as they are released. Seth has been in the industry for many years, so his knowledge and experience are valuable in helping us develop the right products for our American customers. He and his team are fantastic to work with and above all, truly believe in Dirty Rigger.”

Visit https://www.dirtyrigger.co.uk/find-a-dealer/ to find your local Dirty Rigger dealer.