Quality and Service Guaranteed for Fisher Hires’ Custom Labels

A customer for over 20 years, Fisher Hires explains why they only trust Le Mark to produce the high-quality custom-printed labels for their cases and cables.

Fisher Hires provides a dry- and wet-hire service to the lighting, video, sound and staging industries. Originally in support of Fisher Productions, with over 34 years in the industry they are growing stronger by the year and are now an independent business. Their vast quantity of stock enables them not only to support Fisher Productions, but everyone in the industry of events.

Delivering the Best by Using the Best

Fisher Hires became a Le Mark customer back in 1998. They are a regular customer of PVC electrical tape and gaffer tapes in many colours, and soon decided to try Le Mark’s custom printed services.

“We treat all hires as they were our own jobs and we always try our best to go that extra mile for the end client,” said Rob Baker, Head of Hires, Fisher Hires. “We use the best materials and suppliers to ensure top results.

“Our first Le Mark PAL™ road case labels were ordered in 2010,” said Rob. “We need durable and robust labels that are durable and withstand the test of time. The only ones that have handled this type of use are Le Mark’s version. As a result, I now stick with those I trust.”

Making Life Easy with Colour-Coded Labels

Impressed with the quality of their PAL labels, in 2016 Fisher Hires trusted Le Mark to design and print a range of colour-coded cable labels.

“Having colour-coded labels is important to us,” explained Rob. “A quick look at the coloured label tells us how long the cable is and who owns the kit. Because all our mains and data cables are colour-coded, any new staff can quickly identify stock, making their job much easier.”

Guaranteed Service Every Step of The Way

“For tape or label enquiries we only ever go to Le Mark,” said Rob. “High quality, awesome service, and reliability are three staples that we look for when ordering. We want to be reassured that the high quality of our overall service is consistent.

“When we order from Le Mark, I know that I will get notifications of every step before arrival. Once again, saving me valuable time, as it’s one less chasing email for me to deal with!

“I believe anyone who has dealt with Le Mark Group will agree when we say that the service from this company is truly remarkable. You always feel welcomed and the team have comprehensive knowledge about the products. You automatically gain trust in the team and our relationship with Le Mark grows every year.”

“I finally got to meet Rob face to face at a London trade show recently”, said Fran Mann, UK Sales and Support, Le Mark. “It was really good to hear that we are doing everything as he would like. He is a great customer to work with, sometimes coming up with new labels we have never designed before! However, we love a challenge here and are very happy to help with anything we can. I am looking forward to seeing what we can work on together in the future.”