Professional Tapes for Professional Photographers

Client: Direct Digital

MagTape® Matt 500 Professional Gaffer Tape
ProTape Fluorescent Cloth Tape

Photoshoots can be manic at times, especially with all the cables and equipment laying around! We caught up with one of our customers, Direct Digital, to see how they used our gaffer tapes to deal with the daily demands in the photography industry.

“Le Mark tapes are essential to almost every shoot as there are always cables to be taped down or kit to be marked up… It’s what every assistant will have hanging from their belts for everyday use or on-set emergencies! The Hi-Vis tapes are especially popular for on-set safety or even to differentiate equipment from various suppliers or a wide angle lens from a telephoto lens.” said Simon Browitt, Business Development Manager at Direct Digital.

Direct Digital are a photographic rental company whose core client base are Photographers (Directors), Photographers’ agents, Producers, Production companies, Hire Studios, Brands & Publishing companies. The company is committed to offering their clients carefully-selected equipment of the highest standard that reinforces the Direct Digital customer journey, centred around ease-of-use and comprehensive service from first contact to transportation to after-sale services.

Simon continued: “We choose Le Mark due to the range and quality of tapes on offer. Lots of other tapes are available but Le Mark always have the quality and feel that is demanded in this very visual industry”.